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Rotate your torso

Players need to understand that the torso is the engine for the golf swing, Parees said. Too many players try to generate speed and power by swinging their arms and wrists, not rotating their torso.

“While the arms do swing up and down and the wrists hinge and set, these motions are secondary to torso rotation,” Parees said. “That is what creates the majority of speed in the swing.”

• Here’s what to do:

Parees: To make a correct backswing, establish your spine angle/address posture and rotate your core by turning your torso away from your target. To do so, attempt to position your left shoulder as close to being over your right leg than your left. And maintain the same spine angle/address posture throughout the backswing.

As you start the downswing, pretty much do the reverse of what you did on the backswing. Rotate your torso toward your target until your right shoulder is closer to being over your left leg than your right. Again, maintain the same spine angle/posture throughout the forward swing.”

To practice this, set up in your normal address position and place a club across your shoulders, holding it in place with your hands. Rotate your core away from your target until the club points at the ball on the ground. Now rotate your core toward your target until the other end of the club points at the same spot on the ground. This will allow you to feel the proper rotation of your core while maintaining the same spine angle.

“I feel safe in saying that all really good players perform this motion during their swings,” Parees said.

Take a full swing at half speed

John Aber, a former collegiate star at North Carolina who played with Davis Love III, said he has never forgotten a tip given to him by his former teacher, Jim Ferree. And, to this day, it is one he gives to all his students.

“I even think about this tip to improve my own game,” Aber said.

The tip: Hit practice balls taking a full swing, but at half speed.

Aber said it’s the best way to really feel your swing, feel the club head, and to make sure your swing is in sequence.

• Here’s what to do:

You can do this with a wedge, 7-iron, or even a driver, Aber said. Make sure you finish in a nice balanced position when doing this drill. It is all about feeling your swing and building good habits. Once you can feel the clubhead and the proper sequence of your swing, then you can speed up, but just through the hitting area.

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