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Clubface Control

The single biggest thing that separates average players from good players, good players from great players, and great players from Tour-caliber players is clubface control, said Kevin Shields.

“Lesser players either open the clubface too much on the backswing or keep it the same amount of open for too long in the downswing,” Shields said. “That requiries the player to frantically try to “flip” the club square at the ball.”

• Here’s what to do, according to Shields:

Assume a standard grip and try to “twist” your bottom, or right, hand so it faces away from you in the backswing, and keep it facing away the whole swing, as if you are wiping your palm across a table in the impact area.

Many people don’t realize that what is considered by modern instruction to be “square” at the top is actually 90 degrees open. The clubface needs that much rotation to be square at the ball.

Some of that rotation comes from turning your body, but most comes from your hands and arms. Learn to turn the face toward the ball sooner in the downswing.