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Develop a routine for putting

Aber said he learned a long time ago that good players have a consistent routine for putting. It doesn’t matter what the routine is, as long as the players consistently uses the same routine.

• Here is Aber’s routine: After he has determined the line, he takes a practice stroke while looking at the hole, puts his putter behind the ball, takes one more look at the hole, and strokes the ball.

“This is my routine,” Aber said. “You can come up with your own routine, but make sure you do it every time you hit a putt. This is very important and no different than a great free throw shooter. Tiger Woods has the same routine on every putt just as Michael Jordan had the same routine on every free throw.

“Michael Jordan went through the same routine on a free throw in the first quarter as he did on a free throw to win the game. Tiger Woods goes through his routine whether it is the first putt of the day or a putt to get him into a playoff on the last hole of the U.S. Open. A solid putting routine can make you a better and more consistent putter. Develop your routine today.”