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Practice wisely, not aimlessly

A lot of players go to the driving range and hit balls, but not many go with a plan and not many really pay attention to what they are doing.

Parees said there are many facets to improving a golf game and just going to the range and hitting a bunch of drivers or a bunch of 5-irons isn’t going to necessarily make it a better practice session.

• Here’s what to do:

First, warm up for 10 to 15 minutes, beginning with stretching exercises, and then start hitting balls with a wedge, using a smooth, slow swing. Work your way up to longer clubs until you finally get to the driver. Do not hit every club in the bag and do not fall in love with one club.

Second, spend 10 to 15 working on a specific position or movement you need to improve. This is how you ingrain that movement in your swing. Begin with a short-iron and hit four balls doing a drill that will improve this area. Then hit four more balls with the same club taking a full swing. Repeat this eight-ball step with using a hybrid, fairway metal, then driver.

Third, spend 10 minutes simulating different shots on the golf course by changing clubs every two swings and changing your target every swing. Don’t just hit at the same spot all the time

Finally, work on your short game for 20 to 30 minutes. Pitch shots to various targets from 15 yards to just short of your maximum wedge distance; chip shots from 1 to 50 feet; hit short and long bunker shots; practice putting by using a circle drill in which you place six to eight balls in a circle around the cup, between, 3 and 5 feet away. Work your way around the circle, trying to make as many possible without any three putts.

With a more focused plan when you practice, your game is bound to improve.