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Take a full swing at half speed

John Aber, a former collegiate star at North Carolina who played with Davis Love III, said he has never forgotten a tip given to him by his former teacher, Jim Ferree. And, to this day, it is one he gives to all his students.

“I even think about this tip to improve my own game,” Aber said.

The tip: Hit practice balls taking a full swing, but at half speed.

Aber said it’s the best way to really feel your swing, feel the club head, and to make sure your swing is in sequence.

• Here’s what to do:

You can do this with a wedge, 7-iron, or even a driver, Aber said. Make sure you finish in a nice balanced position when doing this drill. It is all about feeling your swing and building good habits. Once you can feel the clubhead and the proper sequence of your swing, then you can speed up, but just through the hitting area.